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Statement on State Budget Bills Announced

January 14, 2013

CONTACT: Rob D'Amico
Cell: 512-627-1343

Budget bills announced wouldn’t restore
per-pupil funding after $500 cut in 2011

Statement from Linda Bridges, Texas AFT president:

“The Texas House and Senate budget bills announced today would continue deep cuts in public education for another two years—in spite of the availability of resurgent state revenue that makes it possible to undo those damaging cuts. While the authors stress that they cover “enrollment growth” in public education in these budget plans, the truth is that funding per pupil would stay at the same reduced level established two years ago. Thus, their plans would continue the cuts of more than $500 per pupil enacted in 2011.

“The best that can be said for today’s initial spending plans is that they are just the starting point, not the ending point, for writing the 2014-2015 budget.  Texas can do better. The money is there. What’s needed is the will to make the needed investment in our schoolchildren and our state's future.”

Texas AFT represents more than 65,000 teachers, paraprofessionals, support personnel, and higher-education employees across the state. Texas AFT is affiliated with the 1.5-million-member American Federation of Teachers.